Reviewing manuscripts


All manuscripts received in electronic format will be read at the editorial office. 

All articles, studies or communications that meet the scientific rules of the fields of the humanities, the professional ethics and the profile of the journal will be subject to evaluation of specialists in double blind peer-review system. Will be considered, mainly, the importance and timeliness of the article, originality and novelty of the topic, scientific level, quality of expression.

Other categories of texts – reviews and presentations of books and journals, anniversaries, in memoriam – will be reviewed only if the Editorial Board considers it necessary.

Editorial Board decision on each paper will be based on recommendations of the reviewers, which may take one of the following decisions: the paper is accepted in the proposed form; the paper should be revised by the author, after which a final decision is taken; the paper is rejected in presented form, with explanations for any author to rewrite, eventually; the work is definitively rejected because it does not meet the criteria imposed by the journal. If the two external reviewers disagree, we rely on a third.

With acceptance of the manuscript for publication, the editorial board announces which tome of the Yearbook will contain that work.


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