Ethical standards of publication


The editorial staff and the editorial board make every effort for the journal to meet all ethical criteria and professional standards.

Originality. Only original, previously unpublished materials are accepted. By submitting a text to the editorial office, the authors accept all the ethical and editorial norms of the journal. All texts suspected of plagiarism or those that violate ethical rules or legal provisions are rejected.

Discrimination of any kind is not allowed. Manuscripts are evaluated solely for their content, without regard to the nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation of the author(s).

Confidentiality is ensured throughout the blind peer review process. The editors do not disclose the details about the authors of the reviewed manuscripts to the reviewers. Reviewers do not disclose details of reviewed materials and do not use information contained therein for personal purposes.

Copyright. Publication in the Yearbook obliges authors to obtain copyright for illustrations used in their text. It also accepts that the editors may partially or fully use the material, under the conditions specified explicitly.